1 view.inc view::get_exposed_input()

Figure out what the exposed input for this view is.


core/modules/views/includes/view.inc, line 449
Provides the view object type and associated methods.




function get_exposed_input() {
  // Fill our input either from $_GET or from something previously set on the
  // view.
  if (empty($this->exposed_input)) {
    $this->exposed_input = $_GET;
    // unset items that are definitely not our input:
    foreach (array('page', 'q') as $key) {
      if (isset($this->exposed_input[$key])) {

    // If we have no input at all, check for remembered input via session.

    // If filters are not overridden, store the 'remember' settings on the
    // default display. If they are, store them on this display. This way,
    // multiple displays in the same view can share the same filters and
    // remember settings.
    $display_id = ($this->display_handler->is_defaulted('filters')) ? 'default' : $this->current_display;

    if (empty($this->exposed_input) && !empty($_SESSION['views'][$this->name][$display_id])) {
      $this->exposed_input = $_SESSION['views'][$this->name][$display_id];

  return $this->exposed_input;