Name Locationsort descending Description
ArchiverInterface::listContents core/includes/ Lists all files in the archive.
authorize_filetransfer_form core/includes/ Form constructor for the file transfer authorization form.
_authorize_filetransfer_connection_settings core/includes/ Generates the Form API array for a given connection backend's settings.
_authorize_filetransfer_connection_settings_set_defaults core/includes/ Sets the default settings on a file transfer connection form recursively.
authorize_filetransfer_form_validate core/includes/ Form validation handler for authorize_filetransfer_form().
authorize_filetransfer_form_submit core/includes/ Form submission handler for authorize_filetransfer_form().
authorize_run_operation core/includes/ Runs the operation specified in $_SESSION['authorize_operation'].
authorize_get_filetransfer core/includes/ Gets a FileTransfer class for a specific transfer method and settings.
batch_load core/includes/ Loads a batch from the database.
_batch_page core/includes/ Renders the batch processing page based on the current state of the batch.
_batch_do core/includes/ Does one execution pass with JavaScript and returns progress to the browser.
_batch_progress_page core/includes/ Outputs a batch processing page.
_batch_process core/includes/ Processes sets in a batch.
_batch_api_percentage core/includes/ Formats the percent completion for a batch set.
_batch_current_set core/includes/ Returns the batch set being currently processed.
_batch_next_set core/includes/ Retrieves the next set in a batch.
_batch_finished core/includes/ Ends the batch processing.
BatchQueue::claimItem core/includes/ Overrides SystemQueue::claimItem().
BatchQueue::getAllItems core/includes/ Retrieves all remaining items in the queue.
BatchMemoryQueue::claimItem core/includes/ Overrides MemoryQueue::claimItem().
BatchMemoryQueue::getAllItems core/includes/ Retrieves all remaining items in the queue.
backdrop_class_list core/includes/ Lists all the classes used by Backdrop core.
BackdropCacheArray::__construct core/includes/ Constructs a BackdropCacheArray object.
BackdropCacheArray::offsetExists core/includes/
BackdropCacheArray::offsetGet core/includes/
BackdropCacheArray::offsetSet core/includes/
BackdropCacheArray::offsetUnset core/includes/
BackdropCacheArray::persist core/includes/ Flags an offset value to be written to the persistent cache.
BackdropCacheArray::resolveCacheMiss core/includes/ Resolves a cache miss.
BackdropCacheArray::set core/includes/ Writes a value to the persistent cache immediately.
BackdropCacheArray::__destruct core/includes/ Destructs the BackdropCacheArray object.
timer_start core/includes/ Starts the timer with the specified name.
timer_read core/includes/ Reads the current timer value without stopping the timer.
timer_stop core/includes/ Stops the timer with the specified name.
conf_path core/includes/ Returns the appropriate configuration directory.
find_conf_path core/includes/ Finds the appropriate configuration directory for a given host and path.
backdrop_override_server_variables core/includes/ Sets appropriate server variables needed for command line scripts to work.
backdrop_environment_initialize core/includes/ Initializes the PHP environment.
backdrop_valid_http_host core/includes/ Validates that a hostname (for example $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) is safe.
backdrop_settings_initialize core/includes/ Sets the base URL, cookie domain, and session name from configuration.
backdrop_get_filename core/includes/ Returns and optionally sets the filename for a system resource.
variable_initialize Deprecated core/includes/ Loads the persistent variable table.
settings_get core/includes/ Returns a site-wide setting, usually specified via the settings.php file.
variable_get Deprecated core/includes/ Returns a persistent variable.
variable_set Deprecated core/includes/ Sets a persistent variable.
variable_del Deprecated core/includes/ Unsets a persistent variable.
state_initialize core/includes/ Loads the persistent state table.
state_get core/includes/ Retrieves a "state" value from the database.
state_set core/includes/ Sets a persistent state value.
state_del core/includes/ Unsets a persistent state value.