1 authorize.inc authorize_filetransfer_form_validate($form, &$form_state)

Form validation handler for authorize_filetransfer_form().

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core/includes/authorize.inc, line 194
Helper functions and form handlers used for the authorize.php script.


function authorize_filetransfer_form_validate($form, &$form_state) {
  // Only validate the form if we have collected all of the user input and are
  // ready to proceed with updating or installing.
  if ($form_state['triggering_element']['#name'] != 'process_updates') {

  if (isset($form_state['values']['connection_settings'])) {
    $backend = $form_state['values']['connection_settings']['authorize_filetransfer_default'];
    $filetransfer = authorize_get_filetransfer($backend, $form_state['values']['connection_settings'][$backend]);
    try {
      if (!$filetransfer) {
        throw new Exception(t('Error, this type of connection protocol (%backend) does not exist.', array('%backend' => $backend)));
    catch (Exception $e) {
      // The format of this error message is similar to that used on the
      // database connection form in the installer.
      form_set_error('connection_settings', t('Failed to connect to the server. The server reports the following message: !message For more help installing or updating code on your server, see the <a href="@handbook_url">Installation Instructions</a> page.', array(
        '!message' => '<p class="error">' . $e->getMessage() . '</p>',
        '@handbook_url' => 'https://backdropcms.org/installation',