1 authorize.inc _authorize_filetransfer_connection_settings_set_defaults(&$element, $key, array $defaults)

Sets the default settings on a file transfer connection form recursively.

The default settings for the file transfer connection forms are saved in the database. The settings are stored as a nested array in the case of a settings form that has fieldsets or otherwise uses a nested structure. Therefore, to properly add defaults, we need to walk through all the children form elements and process those defaults recursively.


$element: Reference to the Form API form element we're operating on.

$key: The key for our current form element, if any.

array $defaults: The default settings for the file transfer backend we're operating on.


core/includes/authorize.inc, line 171
Helper functions and form handlers used for the authorize.php script.


function _authorize_filetransfer_connection_settings_set_defaults(&$element, $key, array $defaults) {
  // If we're operating on a form element which isn't a fieldset, and we have
  // a default setting saved, stash it in #default_value.
  if (!empty($key) && isset($defaults[$key]) && isset($element['#type']) && $element['#type'] != 'fieldset') {
    $element['#default_value'] = $defaults[$key];
  // Now, we walk through all the child elements, and recursively invoke
  // ourself on each one. Since the $defaults settings array can be nested
  // (because of #tree, any values inside fieldsets will be nested), if
  // there's a subarray of settings for the form key we're currently
  // processing, pass in that subarray to the recursive call. Otherwise, just
  // pass on the whole $defaults array.
  foreach (element_children($element) as $child_key) {
    _authorize_filetransfer_connection_settings_set_defaults($element[$child_key], $child_key, ((isset($defaults[$key]) && is_array($defaults[$key])) ? $defaults[$key] : $defaults));