File namesort descending Location Description
header.tpl.php core/modules/system/templates/header.tpl.php Display generic site information such as logo, site name, etc.
header.tpl.php core/themes/basis/templates/header.tpl.php Display generic site information such as logo, site name, etc.
hero.css core/themes/basis/css/component/hero.css Hero component styling.
html-1.txt core/modules/simpletest/files/html-1.txt <h1>SimpleTest HTML</h1>
html-2.html core/modules/simpletest/files/html-2.html
http.php core/modules/simpletest/tests/http.php Fake an HTTP request, for use during testing.
https.php core/modules/simpletest/tests/https.php Fake an HTTPS request, for use during testing. core/includes/ Contains classes and interfaces related to implementing alternative HTTP request systems. By default, backdrop_http_request() will execute its own requests, but this can be replaced by an alternative system if desired by specifying an alternative in… core/includes/ Provides the Backdrop API for placing icons.
icon.test core/modules/simpletest/tests/icon.test Tests for displaying and overriding icons in Backdrop. core/modules/simpletest/tests/icon_test/ name = "Icon API test" description = "Support module for Icon API testing." package = Testing version = BACKDROP_VERSION type = module backdrop = 1.x hidden = TRUE
icon_test.module core/modules/simpletest/tests/icon_test/icon_test.module Provides testing hooks for Icon API.
image.admin.css core/modules/image/css/image.admin.css /** * Image style configuration pages. */ div.image-style-new, div.image-style-new div { display: inline; } div.image-style-preview .preview-image-wrapper { float: left; padding-bottom: 2em; text-align: center; top: 50%; width:… core/modules/image/ Admin page callbacks for the Image module.
image.api.php core/modules/image/image.api.php Hooks related to image styles and effects.
image.css core/modules/image/css/image.css /** * Image upload widget. */ .image-preview { float: left; /* LTR */ padding: 0 10px 10px 0; /* LTR */ } [dir="rtl"] .image-preview { float: right; padding: 0 0 10px 10px; } div.image-widget-data { float: left; /* LTR */ … core/modules/image/ Functions needed to execute image effects provided by Image module. core/modules/image/ Implement an image field, based on the file module's file field. core/modules/system/ GD2 toolkit for image manipulation within Backdrop. core/includes/ API for manipulating images. core/modules/image/ type = module name = Image description = Provides image manipulation tools and image field type. package = Fields tags[] = Images tags[] = Media tags[] = Content version = BACKDROP_VERSION backdrop = 1.x dependencies[] = file configure =…
image.install core/modules/image/image.install Install, update and uninstall functions for the image module.
image.module core/modules/image/image.module Exposes global functionality for creating image styles.
image.test core/modules/image/tests/image.test Tests for image.module.
image.test core/modules/simpletest/tests/image.test Tests for core image handling API. core/modules/image/tests/ [ImageStylesPathAndUrlUnitTest] name = Image styles path and URL functions description = Tests functions for generating paths and URLs to image styles. group = Image file = image.test [ImageEffectsUnitTest] name = Image effects description = Test… core/modules/image/ Theme functions for the Image module. core/modules/image/ Builds placeholder replacement tokens for image styles. core/modules/image/views/ Provide views data and handlers for image.module. modules/examples/image_example/ name = Image Example description = Example implementation of image.module hooks. package = Example modules version = BACKDROP_VERSION backdrop = 1.x type = module dependencies[] = image
image_example.install modules/examples/image_example/image_example.install Install, update, and uninstall functions for the image_example module.
image_example.module modules/examples/image_example/image_example.module Hooks implementations for the Image Example module. modules/examples/image_example/ Page/form showing image styles in use.
image_example.test modules/examples/image_example/tests/image_example.test Test case for testing the image example module. modules/examples/image_example/tests/ [ImageExampleTestCase] name = Image example functionality description = Tests image functionality. group = Example modules file = image_example.test core/modules/image/tests/image_module_test/ name = Image test description = Provides hook implementations for testing Image module functionality. package = Testing version = BACKDROP_VERSION type = module backdrop = 1.x hidden = TRUE
image_module_test.module core/modules/image/tests/image_module_test/image_module_test.module Provides Image module hook implementations for testing purposes. core/modules/simpletest/tests/ name = "Image test" description = "Support module for image toolkit tests." package = Testing version = BACKDROP_VERSION type = module backdrop = 1.x hidden = TRUE
image_test.module core/modules/simpletest/tests/image_test.module Helper module for the image tests.
import1.css core/modules/simpletest/files/css_test_files/import1.css ul, select { font: 1em/160% Verdana, sans-serif; color: #494949; } .ui-icon{background-image: url(images/icon.png);} /* Test data URI images with different quote styles. */ .data .double-quote { /* */ …
import2.css core/modules/simpletest/files/css_test_files/import2.css p, select { font: 1em/160% Verdana, sans-serif; color: #494949; }
index.php index.php The PHP page that serves all page requests on a Backdrop installation. core/includes/ API functions for installing Backdrop. core/includes/ API functions for installing modules and themes. core/includes/database/mysql/ Installation code for MySQL embedded database engine.
install.php core/install.php Initiates a browser-based installation of Backdrop. core/scripts/ #!/usr/bin/env php <?php /** * Install Backdrop through the command line. */ $script = basename(array_shift($_SERVER['argv'])); if (in_array('--help', $_SERVER['argv']) || empty($_SERVER['argv'])) { …
installer-block.tpl.php core/modules/installer/templates/installer-block.tpl.php Default theme implementation to display a block on the projects browse page.
installer-install-queue.tpl.php core/modules/installer/templates/installer-install-queue.tpl.php Default theme implementation for displaying list of queued projects.
installer-install.tpl.php core/modules/installer/templates/installer-install.tpl.php Default theme implementation for displaying the install page.