GD2 toolkit for image manipulation within Backdrop.




Namesort descending Description
image_gd_check_settings Verify GD2 settings (that the right version is actually installed).
image_gd_create_tmp Create a truecolor image preserving transparency from a provided image.
image_gd_crop Crop an image using the GD toolkit.
image_gd_desaturate Convert an image resource to grayscale.
image_gd_get_info Get details about an image.
image_gd_load GD helper function to create an image resource from a file.
image_gd_resize Scale an image to the specified size using GD.
image_gd_rotate Rotate an image the given number of degrees.
image_gd_save GD helper to write an image resource to a destination file.
image_gd_settings Retrieve settings for the GD2 toolkit.
image_gd_supported_extensions Retrieve supported extensions for the GD2 toolkit.
_image_gd_get_colorindex Determines the correct color index value for the background.