API for manipulating images.




Namesort descending Description
image_add_svg_attributes Add attributes to an SVG string.
image_crop Crops an image to a rectangle specified by the given dimensions.
image_desaturate Converts an image to grayscale.
image_dimensions_scale Scales image dimensions while maintaining aspect ratio.
image_get_available_toolkits Gets a list of available toolkits.
image_get_info Gets details about an image.
image_get_supported_extensions Gets supported image extensions.
image_get_svg_dimensions Get an SVG image's defined dimensions.
image_get_toolkit Gets the name of the currently used toolkit.
image_hex2rgba Converts a hex string to RGBA (red, green, blue, alpha) integer values and tidies up the input hex color string.
image_is_svg Determine if a file URI is an SVG image based on its file extension.
image_load Loads an image file and returns an image object.
image_resize Resizes an image to the given dimensions (ignoring aspect ratio).
image_rotate Rotates an image by the given number of degrees.
image_save Closes the image and saves the changes to a file.
image_scale Scales an image while maintaining aspect ratio.
image_scale_and_crop Scales an image to the exact width and height given.
image_toolkit_invoke Invokes the given method using the currently selected toolkit.


Namesort descending Description
IMAGE_SVG_DEFAULT_HEIGHT Default height for SVG images.
IMAGE_SVG_DEFAULT_WIDTH Default width for SVG images.