comment_admin_overview in core/modules/comment/
Form constructor for the comment overview administration form.
comment_submit in core/modules/comment/comment.module
Prepare a comment for submission.
DatabaseSchema_mysql::prepareComment in core/includes/database/mysql/
Prepare a table or column comment for database query.
DBLogTestCase::assertLogMessage in core/modules/dblog/tests/dblog.test
Confirms that a log message appears on the database log overview screen.
DBLogTestCase::doUser in core/modules/dblog/tests/dblog.test
Generates and then verifies some user events.
dblog_format_message in core/modules/dblog/
Returns HTML for a log message.
field_ui_field_overview_form in core/modules/field_ui/
Form constructor for the 'Manage fields' form of a bundle.
path_alias_uniquify in core/modules/path/
Check to ensure a URL alias is unique and add suffix variants if necessary.
path_clean_alias in core/modules/path/
Clean up a URL alias.
path_clean_string in core/modules/path/
Clean up a string segment to be used in an URL alias.
search_excerpt in core/modules/search/search.module
Returns snippets from a piece of text, with certain keywords highlighted. Used for formatting search results.
text_summary in core/modules/field/modules/text/text.module
Generate a trimmed, formatted version of a text field value.
theme_installer_browser_project_description in core/modules/installer/
Builds the truncated description on the project list.
UnicodeUnitTest::runTruncateTests in core/modules/simpletest/tests/unicode.test
Runs test cases for helperTestTruncate().
_book_toc_recurse in core/modules/book/book.module
Recursively processes and formats menu items for book_toc().
_locale_translate_seek in core/modules/locale/
Perform a string search and display results in a table
_menu_parents_recurse in core/modules/menu/menu.module
Recursive helper function for menu_parent_options().
_search_index_truncate in core/modules/search/search.module
Helper function for array_walk in search_index_split.