Namesort ascending Location Description
_views_weight_sort core/modules/views_ui/
_views_ui_get_paths core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.module Helper function to get a list of paths assigned to a view.
_views_ui_get_operations core/modules/views_ui/ Given a view, return a list of operations that can be performed on it.
_views_ui_get_displays_list core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.module Helper function to get a list of displays included in a view.
_views_ui_get_displays core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.module Helper function to get a list of displays assigned to a view, and their respective paths if any.
_views_tokenized_clean_css_identifier core/modules/views/views.module Cleans a CSS identifier, taking into account views tokenization.
_views_theme_functions core/modules/views/templates/ Provide a full array of possible themes to try for a given hook.
_views_sort_types core/modules/views_ui/
_views_query_tag_alter_condition core/modules/views/views.module Replaces the substitutions recursive foreach condition.
_views_prepare_handler core/modules/views/includes/ Prepare a handler's data by checking defaults and such.
_views_find_module_templates core/modules/views/views.module Scans a directory of a module for template files.
_views_file_status core/modules/system/views/
_views_fetch_plugin_data core/modules/views/includes/ Fetch the plugin data from cache.
_views_fetch_data_build core/modules/views/includes/ Build and set the views data cache if empty.
_views_fetch_data core/modules/views/includes/ Fetch Views' data from the cache.
_views_data_process_entity_types core/modules/views/includes/ Links tables having an 'entity type' specified to the respective, generic entity-type tables.
_views_create_handler core/modules/views/includes/ Instantiate and construct a new handler
_views_array_filter_zero core/modules/views/handlers/ Filter by no empty values, though allow to use "0".
_vertical_tabs_example_explanation modules/examples/vertical_tabs_example/vertical_tabs_example.module Simple explanation page.
_user_password_policy_help core/modules/user/ Generates help text for core password constraints on forms.
_user_password_evaluate_strength core/modules/user/ Evaluate password strength Adapted from
_user_mail_text core/modules/user/user.module Returns a mail string for a variable name.
_user_mail_notify core/modules/user/user.module Conditionally create and send a notification email when a certain operation happens on the given user account.
_user_cancel_session_regenerate core/modules/user/user.module Finished batch processing callback for cancelling a user account.
_user_cancel core/modules/user/user.module Last batch processing step for cancelling a user account.
_update_requirement_check core/modules/update/update.install Fills in the requirements array.
_update_refresh core/modules/update/ Clears out all the cached available update data and initiates re-fetching.
_update_project_status_sort core/modules/update/update.module Orders projects based on their status.
_update_process_info_list core/modules/update/ Populates an array of project data.
_update_process_fetch_task core/modules/update/ Processes a task to fetch available update data for a single project.
_update_no_data core/modules/update/update.module Returns a warning message when there is no data about available updates.
_update_message_text core/modules/update/update.module Returns the appropriate message text when site is out of date or not secure.
_update_get_fetch_url_base core/modules/update/ Returns the base of the URL to fetch available update data for a project.
_update_get_cache_multiple core/modules/update/update.module Returns an array of cache items with a given cache ID prefix.
_update_get_cached_available_releases core/modules/update/update.module Returns all currently cached data about available releases for all projects.
_update_fetch_data core/modules/update/ Attempts to drain the queue of tasks for release history data to fetch.
_update_cron_notify core/modules/update/ Performs any notifications that should be done once cron fetches new data.
_update_create_fetch_task core/modules/update/ Adds a task to the queue for fetching release history data for a project.
_update_checking_enabled core/modules/update/update.module Check if update checking should make HTTP requests to the update server.
_update_cache_set core/modules/update/update.module Stores data in the private update status cache table.
_update_cache_get core/modules/update/update.module Retrieves data from the private update status cache table.
_update_cache_clear core/modules/update/update.module Invalidates cached data relating to update status.
_update_build_layout_data core/modules/update/ Helper function to scan and collect layout data.
_update_build_fetch_url core/modules/update/ Generates the URL to fetch information about project updates.
_update_7000_field_sql_storage_write core/modules/field/modules/field_sql_storage/field_sql_storage.install Utility function: write field data directly to SQL storage.
_unicode_check core/includes/ Perform checks about Unicode support in PHP, and set the right settings if needed.
_unicode_caseflip core/includes/ Flips U+C0-U+DE to U+E0-U+FD and back.
_transliteration_replace core/includes/ Replaces a Unicode character using the transliteration database.
_transliteration_process core/includes/ Transliterates UTF-8 encoded text to US-ASCII.
_transliteration_ord_utf8 core/includes/ Finds the character code for a UTF-8 character: like ord() but for UTF-8.