1 update.fetch.inc _update_get_fetch_url_base($project)

Returns the base of the URL to fetch available update data for a project.


$project: The array of project information from update_get_projects().

Return value

The base of the URL used for fetching available update data. This does: not include the path elements to specify a particular project, version, site_key, etc.

See also



core/modules/update/update.fetch.inc, line 351
Code required only when fetching information about available updates.


function _update_get_fetch_url_base($project) {
  // Specified manually, as from the update server.
  if (isset($project['project status url'])) {
    $url = $project['project status url'];
  // Specified in the .info file.
  elseif (isset($project['info']['project status url'])) {
    $url = $project['info']['project status url'];
  // The site default base URL.
  else {
    $url = config_get('update.settings', 'update_url');
    if (empty($url)) {
      $url = UPDATE_DEFAULT_URL;
  return $url;