The plugin that handles a block.


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core/modules/views/plugins/, line 12
Contains the block display plugin.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Name Modifiers Typesort descending Description
views_plugin_display_block::option_definition function Information about options for all kinds of purposes will be held here. @code 'option_name' => array( Overrides views_plugin_display::option_definition
views_plugin_display_block::execute_hook_block_list function Return a list of blocks provided by this display plugin.
views_plugin_display_block::execute function The display block handler returns the structure necessary for a block. Overrides views_plugin_display::execute
views_plugin_display_block::options_summary function Provide the summary for page options in the views UI. Overrides views_plugin_display::options_summary
views_plugin_display_block::block_caching_modes function Provide a list of core's block caching modes.
views_plugin_display_block::get_cache_type function Provide a single method to figure caching type, keeping a sensible default for when it's unset.
views_plugin_display_block::options_form function Provide the default form for setting options. Overrides views_plugin_display::options_form
views_plugin_display_block::options_submit function Perform any necessary changes to the form values prior to storage. There is no need for this function to actually store the data. Overrides views_plugin_display::options_submit
views_plugin_display_block::set_override_options function Set the options that should be overridden within this display.
views_plugin_display_block::has_override_options function Accessor to check if any override options have been set.
views_plugin_display_block::get_argument_input function Adjust the array of argument input to match the current list of arguments available for this display. This ensures that changing the arguments doesn't cause the argument input field to just break.
views_plugin_display_block::use_more function Does the display have a more link enabled? Overrides views_plugin_display::use_more
views_plugin_display_block::get_path function Return the base path to use for this display. Overrides views_plugin_display::get_path
views_plugin_display_block::get_url function Overrides views_plugin_display::get_url
views_plugin_display_block::displays_exposed function Determine if this display should display the exposed filters widgets, so the view will know whether to render them. Overrides views_plugin_display::displays_exposed
views_plugin_display_block::uses_exposed_form_in_block function Check to see if the display can put the exposed form in a block. Overrides views_plugin_display::uses_exposed_form_in_block
views_plugin_display::init function
views_plugin_display::destroy function Overrides views_object::destroy
views_plugin_display::is_default_display function Determine if this display is the 'default' display which contains fallback settings
views_plugin_display::uses_exposed function Determine if this display uses exposed filters, so the view will know whether or not to build them.
views_plugin_display::use_ajax function Does the display use AJAX?
views_plugin_display::use_pager function Does the display have a pager enabled?
views_plugin_display::use_group_by function Does the display have groupby enabled?
views_plugin_display::use_more_always function Should the enabled display more link be shown when no more items?
views_plugin_display::use_more_text function Does the display have custom link text?
views_plugin_display::accept_attachments function Can this display accept attachments?
views_plugin_display::attach_to function Allow displays to attach to other views.
views_plugin_display::defaultable_sections function Static member function to list which sections are defaultable and what items each section contains.
views_plugin_display::has_path function Check to see if the display has a 'path' field.
views_plugin_display::uses_link_display function Check to see if the display has some need to link to another display.
views_plugin_display::get_link_display function Check to see which display to use when creating links within a view using this display.
views_plugin_display::uses_breadcrumb function Check to see if the display needs a breadcrumb
views_plugin_display::is_defaulted function Determine if a given option is set to use the default display or the current display
views_plugin_display::get_option function Intelligently get an option either from this display or from the default display, if directed to do so.
views_plugin_display::uses_fields function Determine if the display's style uses fields.
views_plugin_display::get_plugin function Get the instance of a plugin, for example style or row.
views_plugin_display::get_handler function Get the handler object for a single handler.
views_plugin_display::get_handlers function Get a full array of handlers for $type. This caches them.
views_plugin_display::get_field_labels function Retrieve a list of fields for the current display with the relationship associated if it exists.
views_plugin_display::set_option function Intelligently set an option either from this display or from the default display, if directed to do so.
views_plugin_display::override_option function Set an option and force it to be an override.
views_plugin_display::option_link function Because forms may be split up into sections, this provides an easy URL to exactly the right section. Don't override this.
views_plugin_display::get_arguments_tokens function Returns to tokens for arguments.
views_plugin_display::format_themes function Format a list of theme templates for output by the theme info helper.
views_plugin_display::options_validate function Validate the options form. Overrides views_plugin::options_validate
views_plugin_display::options_override function If override/revert was clicked, perform the proper toggle.
views_plugin_display::set_override function Flip the override setting for the given section.
views_plugin_display::query function Inject anything into the query that the display handler needs. Overrides views_plugin::query
views_plugin_display::render_filters function Not all display plugins will support filtering
views_plugin_display::render_pager function Not all display plugins will support pager rendering.
views_plugin_display::render_more_link function Render the 'more' link
views_plugin_display::render_header function Render the header of the view.
views_plugin_display::render_footer function Render the footer of the view.
views_plugin_display::render_empty function
views_plugin_display::hook_block_list function If this display creates a block, implement one of these.
views_plugin_display::hook_menu function If this display creates a page with a menu item, implement it here.
views_plugin_display::render function Render this display.
views_plugin_display::render_area function
views_plugin_display::access function Determine if the user has access to this display of the view.
views_plugin_display::pre_execute function Set up any variables on the view prior to execution. These are separated from execute because they are extremely common and unlikely to be overridden on an individual display.
views_plugin_display::preview function Fully render the display for the purposes of a live preview or some other AJAXy reason.
views_plugin_display::get_style_type function Displays can require a certain type of style plugin. By default, they will be 'normal'.
views_plugin_display::validate function Make sure the display and all associated handlers are valid. Overrides views_plugin::validate
views_plugin_display::is_identifier_unique function Check if the provided identifier is unique.
views_plugin_display::get_special_blocks function Provide the block system with any exposed widget blocks for this display.
views_plugin_display::view_special_blocks function Render any special blocks provided for this display.
views_plugin_display::get_argument_text function Provide some helpful text for the arguments. The result should contain of an array with
views_plugin_display::get_pager_text function Provide some helpful text for pagers.
views_plugin_display::unpack_style public function Extract translatables from views styles.
views_plugin_display::unpack_plugin public function Special handling for plugins when extracting translatables.
views_plugin_display::unpack_handler public function Special method to unpack items that have handlers.
views_plugin::theme_functions function Provide a full list of possible theme templates used by this style.
views_plugin::additional_theme_functions function Provide a list of additional theme functions for the theme information page
views_plugin::summary_title function Returns the summary of the settings in the display.
views_plugin::plugin_title function Return the human readable name of the display.
views_object::construct function Views handlers use a special construct function so that we can more easily construct them with variable arguments.
views_object::options Deprecated function Set default options on this object. Called by the constructor in a complex chain to deal with backward compatibility.
views_object::set_default_options function Set default options. For backward compatibility, it sends the options array; this is a feature that will likely disappear at some point.
views_object::_set_option_defaults function
views_object::unpack_options function Unpack options over our existing defaults, drilling down into arrays so that defaults don't get totally blown away.
views_object::set_definition function Let the handler know what its full definition is.
views_object::unpack_translatables public function Unpacks each handler to store translatable texts.
views_object::unpack_translatable public function Unpack a single option definition.
views_plugin_display_block::$has_override_options protected property Whether this display has custom settings that override the view options.