Code required only when fetching information about available updates.




Namesort ascending Description
_update_refresh Clears out all the cached available update data and initiates re-fetching.
_update_process_fetch_task Processes a task to fetch available update data for a single project.
_update_get_fetch_url_base Returns the base of the URL to fetch available update data for a project.
_update_fetch_data Attempts to drain the queue of tasks for release history data to fetch.
_update_cron_notify Performs any notifications that should be done once cron fetches new data.
_update_create_fetch_task Adds a task to the queue for fetching release history data for a project.
_update_build_fetch_url Generates the URL to fetch information about project updates.
update_parse_xml Parses the XML of the Backdrop release history info files.
update_manual_status Page callback: Checks for updates and displays the update status report.
update_fetch_data_finished Batch callback: Performs actions when all fetch tasks have been completed.
update_fetch_data_batch Batch callback: Processes a step in batch for fetching available update data.