1 update.fetch.inc update_parse_xml($raw_xml)

Parses the XML of the Backdrop release history info files.


$raw_xml: A raw XML string of available release data for a given project.

Return value

Array of parsed data about releases for a given project, or NULL if there: was an error parsing the string.


core/modules/update/update.fetch.inc, line 424
Code required only when fetching information about available updates.


function update_parse_xml($raw_xml) {
  try {
    $xml = new SimpleXMLElement($raw_xml);
  catch (Exception $e) {
    // SimpleXMLElement::__construct produces an E_WARNING error message for
    // each error found in the XML data and throws an exception if errors
    // were detected. Catch any exception and return failure (NULL).
  // If there is no valid project data, the XML is invalid, so return failure.
  if (!isset($xml->short_name)) {
  $short_name = (string) $xml->short_name;
  $data = array();
  foreach ($xml as $k => $v) {
    $data[$k] = (string) $v;
  $data['releases'] = array();
  if (isset($xml->releases)) {
    foreach ($xml->releases->children() as $release) {
      $version = (string) $release->version;
      $data['releases'][$version] = array();
      foreach ($release->children() as $k => $v) {
        $data['releases'][$version][$k] = (string) $v;
      $data['releases'][$version]['terms'] = array();
      if ($release->terms) {
        foreach ($release->terms->children() as $term) {
          if (!isset($data['releases'][$version]['terms'][(string) $term->name])) {
            $data['releases'][$version]['terms'][(string) $term->name] = array();
          $data['releases'][$version]['terms'][(string) $term->name][] = (string) $term->value;
  return $data;