1 update.fetch.inc update_fetch_data_finished($success, $results)

Batch callback: Performs actions when all fetch tasks have been completed.


$success: TRUE if the batch operation was successful; FALSE if there were errors.

$results: An associative array of results from the batch operation, including the key 'updated' which holds the total number of projects we fetched available update data for.


core/modules/update/update.fetch.inc, line 94
Code required only when fetching information about available updates.


function update_fetch_data_finished($success, $results) {
  if ($success) {
    if (!empty($results)) {
      if (!empty($results['updated'])) {
        backdrop_set_message(format_plural($results['updated'], 'Checked available update data for one project.', 'Checked available update data for @count projects.'));
      if (!empty($results['failures'])) {
        backdrop_set_message(format_plural($results['failures'], 'Failed to get available update data for one project.', 'Failed to get available update data for @count projects.'), 'error');
  else {
    backdrop_set_message(t('An error occurred trying to get available update data.'), 'error');