Class for updating layouts using FileTransfer classes via authorize.php.


Expanded class hierarchy of LayoutUpdater


core/modules/system/, line 183
Subclasses of the Updater class to update Backdrop core, modules, themes, and layouts.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
LayoutUpdater::canUpdate public static function
LayoutUpdater::canUpdateDirectory public static function Determine if the Updater can handle the project provided in $directory. Overrides BackdropUpdaterInterface::canUpdateDirectory
LayoutUpdater::getInstallDirectory public function Return the directory where a layout should be installed. Overrides BackdropUpdaterInterface::getInstallDirectory
LayoutUpdater::isInstalled public function Checks if the project is installed. Overrides BackdropUpdaterInterface::isInstalled
LayoutUpdater::postInstall public function Perform actions after installation. Overrides Updater::postInstall
LayoutUpdater::postInstallTasks public function Return an array of links to pages that should be visited post operation. Overrides Updater::postInstallTasks
Updater::$name protected property
Updater::$source public property
Updater::$title protected property
Updater::factory public static function Return an Updater of the appropriate type depending on the source.
Updater::findInfoFile public static function Figure out what the most important (or only) info file is in a directory.
Updater::getBackupDir public function Return the full path to a directory where backups should be written.
Updater::getInstallArgs protected function Store the default parameters for the Updater.
Updater::getProjectName public static function Get the name of the project directory (basename). Overrides BackdropUpdaterInterface::getProjectName
Updater::getProjectTitle public static function Return the project name from a Backdrop info file.
Updater::getProjectType public static function Return the project type from a Backdrop info file or directory.
Updater::getUpdaterFromDirectory public static function Determine which Updater class can operate on the given directory.
Updater::install public function Installs a Backdrop project, returns a list of next actions.
Updater::makeBackup public function Perform a backup.
Updater::makeWorldReadable public function Ensure that a given directory is world readable.
Updater::postUpdate public function Perform actions after new code is updated. Overrides BackdropUpdaterInterface::postUpdate
Updater::postUpdateTasks public function Return an array of links to pages that should be visited post operation.
Updater::prepareInstallDirectory public function Make sure the installation parent directory exists and is writable.
Updater::update public function Updates a Backdrop project, returns a list of next actions.
Updater::__construct public function