Database tests.




Namesort ascending Description
FakeRecord Dummy class for fetching into a class.
DatabaseUpdateTestCase Update builder tests.
DatabaseUpdateLOBTestCase Test update queries involving LOB values.
DatabaseUpdateComplexTestCase Tests for more complex update statements.
DatabaseTransactionTestCase Test transaction support, particularly nesting.
DatabaseTestCase Base test class for databases.
DatabaseTemporaryQueryTestCase Temporary query tests.
DatabaseTaggingTestCase Select tagging tests.
DatabaseSerializeQueryTestCase Query serialization tests.
DatabaseSelectTestCase Test the SELECT builder.
DatabaseSelectSubqueryTestCase Test case for subselects in a dynamic SELECT query.
DatabaseSelectOrderedTestCase Test select with order by clauses.
DatabaseSelectComplexTestCase2 Test more complex select statements, part 2.
DatabaseSelectComplexTestCase Test more complex select statements.
DatabaseSelectCloneTest Test cloning Select queries.
DatabaseRegressionTestCase Regression tests.
DatabaseRangeQueryTestCase Range query tests.
DatabaseQueryTestCase Backdrop-specific SQL syntax tests.
DatabaseNextIdCase Check the sequences API.
DatabaseMergeTestCase Test the MERGE query builder.
DatabaseLoggingTestCase Query logging tests.
DatabaseInvalidDataTestCase Test invalid data handling.
DatabaseInsertTestCase Test the insert builder.
DatabaseInsertLOBTestCase Insert tests using LOB fields, which are weird on some databases.
DatabaseInsertDefaultsTestCase Insert tests for "database default" values.
DatabaseFetchTestCase Test fetch actions, part 1.
DatabaseFetch2TestCase Test fetch actions, part 2.
DatabaseExtraTypesTestCase Test proposed new data types for the schema API.
DatabaseEmptyStatementTestCase Tests the empty pseudo-statement class.
DatabaseDeleteTruncateTestCase Delete/Truncate tests.
DatabaseConnectionTestCase Test connection management.
DatabaseCaseSensitivityTestCase Test case sensitivity handling.
DatabaseBasicSyntaxTestCase Test how the current database driver interprets the SQL syntax.
DatabaseAlterTestCase Select alter tests.
ConnectionUnitTest Tests management of database connections.