BackdropWebTestCase::backdropLogout in core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php
CommentInterfaceTest::testCommentInterface in core/modules/comment/tests/comment.test
Tests the comment interface.
CommentNodeAutoCloserTestCase::testNodeCommentAutoCloserSettings in core/modules/comment/tests/comment.test
Tests the auto closer node type setting and the override setting on individual nodes.
CommentNodeChangesTestCase::testNodeCommentSettings in core/modules/comment/tests/comment.test
Tests opening, closing, and hiding comments.
DateViewsTestCase::testDateViews in core/modules/date/tests/date_views.test
Test date popup.
FieldUIManageDisplayTestCase::testFormatterUI in core/modules/field_ui/tests/field_ui.test
Tests formatter settings.
FilterEditorAccessTestCase::testDialogAccess in core/modules/filter/tests/filter.test
Checks access to editor dialogs for adding images and links.
ImageAdminStylesUnitTest::testDefaultStyle in core/modules/image/tests/image.test
Test to override, edit, then revert a style.
ImageExampleTestCase::testImageExample in modules/examples/image_example/tests/image_example.test
Test implementations of image API hooks.
LayoutInterfaceTest::testContexts in core/modules/layout/tests/layout.test
Test the support for contexts within conditions and blocks.
LinkTokenTest::testStaticTokenLinkCreate in core/modules/link/tests/link.token.test
Creates a link field with a static title and an admin-entered token. Creates a node with a link and checks the title value.
LinkTokenTest::testTitleOnlyTitleNoLink in core/modules/link/tests/link.token.test
Test that if you have a title and no URL on a field which does not have tokens enabled, that the title is sanitized once.
LinkTokenTest::testUserTokenLinkCreate in core/modules/link/tests/link.token.test
Creates a link field with a required title enabled for user-entered tokens. Creates a node with a token in the link title and checks the value.
LinkUITest::testCRUDTitleOnlyTitleNoLink in core/modules/link/tests/link.ui.test
Tests that if a field has a title but no URL, the title is not sanitized twice.
LinkUITest::testLinkCreate in core/modules/link/tests/link.ui.test
Creates a link field for the "page" type and creates a page with a link.
LinkUITest::testStaticLinkCreate in core/modules/link/tests/link.ui.test
Tests if <strong> is used in a static title that the markup is retained.
SystemMainContentFallback::testMainContentFallback in core/modules/system/tests/system.test
Test availability of main content.
ViewsPluginDisplayBlockTestCase::testViewBlocks in core/modules/views/tests/plugins/views_plugin_display_block.test
Tests, whether and how the reset button can be renamed.