backdrop_install_schema in core/includes/
Creates all tables defined in a module's hook_schema().
comment_update_1006 in core/modules/comment/comment.install
Creates the table to enable caching of Comment entities.
DatabaseExtraTypesTestCase::testDateField in core/modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test the date data type.
DatabaseExtraTypesTestCase::testTimeField in core/modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test the time data type.
DatabaseTestCase::installTables in core/modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Set up several tables needed by a certain test.
DatabaseTransactionTestCase::executeDDLStatement in core/modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Execute a DDL statement.
DatabaseTransactionTestCase::transactionInnerLayer in core/modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Helper method for transaction unit tests. This "inner layer" transaction is either used alone or nested inside of the "outer layer" transaction.
dblog_update_1000 in core/modules/dblog/dblog.install
Account for possible legacy systems where dblog was not installed.
drupal-7.language.database.php in core/modules/simpletest/tests/upgrade/drupal-7.language.database.php
Database additions for language tests. Used in upgrade.language.test.
field_sql_storage_field_storage_create_field in core/modules/field/modules/field_sql_storage/field_sql_storage.module
Implements hook_field_storage_create_field().
field_sql_storage_field_storage_update_field in core/modules/field/modules/field_sql_storage/field_sql_storage.module
Implements hook_field_storage_update_field().
file_update_1003 in core/modules/file/file.install
Add a type column to the file_managed table, and add a file_metadata table.
file_update_1008 in core/modules/file/file.install
Creates the table to enable caching of Comment entities.
hook_field_storage_create_field in core/modules/field/field.api.php
Act on creation of a new field.
hook_field_storage_update_field in core/modules/field/field.api.php
Update the storage information for a field.
node_update_1021 in core/modules/node/node.install
Creates the table to enable caching of Nodes entities.
SchemaTestCase::assertFieldAdditionRemoval in core/modules/simpletest/tests/schema.test
Assert that a given field can be added and removed from a table.
SchemaTestCase::testSchema in core/modules/simpletest/tests/schema.test
SchemaTestCase::testUnsignedColumns in core/modules/simpletest/tests/schema.test
Tests creating unsigned columns and data integrity thereof.
simpletest_update_1000 in core/modules/simpletest/simpletest.install
Update the simpletest_test_id table to hold a list of active prefixes.
system_update_1004 in core/modules/system/system.install
Create the "state" table for the state storage system.
system_update_1007 in core/modules/system/system.install
Create the tempstore table and remove the cache_form table.
system_update_1009 in core/modules/system/system.install
Enable Admin Menu module.
system_update_1025 in core/modules/system/system.install
Convert block positioning and configuration to the default layout.
system_update_1038 in core/modules/system/system.install
Upgrade or prepare for token module in core.
taxonomy_update_1008 in core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install
Creates the table to enable caching of Taxonomy Term entities.
update_fix_requirements in core/includes/
Perform Drupal 7.x to Backdrop 1.x updates that are required for update.php to function properly.
update_module_enable in core/includes/
Helper function to install a new module in Backdrop 1.x via hook_update_N().
update_prepare_bootstrap in core/includes/
Performs extra steps required to bootstrap when using a Drupal 7 database.
user_update_1016 in core/modules/user/user.install
Creates the table to enable caching of User entities.