Namesort ascending Location Description
_mime_header_decode core/includes/ Decodes encoded header data passed from mime_header_decode().
_menu_update_parental_status core/includes/ Checks and updates the 'has_children' status for the parent of a link.
_menu_tree_data core/includes/ Builds the data representing a menu tree.
_menu_tree_check_access core/includes/ Sorts the menu tree and recursively checks access for each item.
_menu_translate core/includes/ Handles dynamic path translation and menu access control.
_menu_token_node_link_load core/modules/menu/ Load the preferred menu link associated with a node.
_menu_token_link_load_all_parents core/modules/menu/ Load all menu parents given a Menu Link ID.
_menu_token_link_load core/modules/menu/ Token-specific loader for menu links that maintains its own static cache.
_menu_site_status core/includes/ Checks whether the site is in maintenance mode.
_menu_set_expanded_menus core/includes/ Updates a list of menus with expanded items.
_menu_router_save core/includes/ Saves data from menu_router_build() to the router table.
_menu_router_cache core/includes/ Stores the menu router if we have it in memory.
_menu_router_build core/includes/ Builds the router table based on the data from hook_menu().
_menu_parent_depth_limit core/modules/menu/menu.module Find the depth limit for items in the parent select.
_menu_parents_recurse core/modules/menu/menu.module Recursive helper function for menu_parent_options().
_menu_overview_tree_form core/modules/menu/ Recursive helper function for menu_overview_form().
_menu_navigation_links_rebuild core/includes/ Builds menu links for the items in the menu router.
_menu_load_objects core/includes/ Loads objects into the map as defined in the $item['load_functions'].
_menu_link_translate core/includes/ Provides menu link access control, translation, and argument handling.
_menu_link_parents_set core/includes/ Sets the p1 through p9 values for a menu link being saved.
_menu_link_move_children core/includes/ Updates the children of a menu link that is being moved.
_menu_link_map_translate core/includes/ Translates the path elements in the map using any to_arg helper function.
_menu_link_find_parent core/includes/ Finds a possible parent for a given menu link.
_menu_link_build core/includes/ Builds a link from a router item.
_menu_item_localize core/includes/ Localizes the router item title using t() or another callback.
_menu_get_options core/modules/menu/menu.module Helper function to get the items of the given menu.
_menu_get_menu_weight_delta core/modules/menu/menu.module Calculate the delta for the weight element for a given set of menus.
_menu_find_router_path core/includes/ Finds the router path which will serve this path.
_menu_example_simple_title_callback modules/examples/menu_example/menu_example.module Title callback to rewrite the '/user' menu link.
_menu_example_menu_page modules/examples/menu_example/menu_example.module Page callback for use with most of the menu entries.
_menu_example_mappings modules/examples/menu_example/menu_example.module Utility function to provide mappings from integers to some strings.
_menu_example_basic_instructions modules/examples/menu_example/menu_example.module Page callback for the simplest introduction menu entry.
_menu_delete_item core/includes/ Deletes a single menu link.
_menu_clear_page_cache core/includes/ Clears the page and block caches at most twice per page load.
_menu_check_access core/includes/ Checks access to a menu item using the access callback.
_menu_build_tree core/includes/ Builds a menu tree.
_lock_id core/includes/ Helper function to get this request's unique id.
_locale_translate_seek_query core/modules/locale/ Build array out of search criteria specified in request variables
_locale_translate_seek core/modules/locale/ Perform a string search and display results in a table
_locale_translate_language_list core/modules/locale/ List languages in search result table
_locale_rebuild_js core/includes/ (Re-)Creates the JavaScript translation file for a language.
_locale_parse_js_file core/includes/ Parses a JavaScript file, extracts strings wrapped in Backdrop.t() and Backdrop.formatPlural() and inserts them into the database.
_locale_invalidate_js core/includes/ Force the JavaScript translation file(s) to be refreshed.
_locale_import_tokenize_formula core/includes/ Provides backward-compatible formula parsing for token_get_all().
_locale_import_shorten_comments core/includes/ Generates a short, one-string version of the passed comment array.
_locale_import_read_po core/includes/ Parses a Gettext Portable Object file into an array.
_locale_import_po core/includes/ Parses Gettext Portable Object information and inserts it into the database.
_locale_import_parse_quoted core/includes/ Parses a string in quotes.
_locale_import_parse_plural_forms core/includes/ Parses a Plural-Forms entry from a Gettext Portable Object file header.
_locale_import_parse_header core/includes/ Parses a Gettext Portable Object file header.