Namesort ascending Location Description
BackdropCacheArray::set core/includes/ Writes a value to the persistent cache immediately.
BackdropCacheArray::resolveCacheMiss core/includes/ Resolves a cache miss.
BackdropCacheArray::persist core/includes/ Flags an offset value to be written to the persistent cache.
BackdropCacheArray::offsetUnset core/includes/
BackdropCacheArray::offsetSet core/includes/
BackdropCacheArray::offsetGet core/includes/
BackdropCacheArray::offsetExists core/includes/
authorize_run_operation core/includes/ Runs the operation specified in $_SESSION['authorize_operation'].
authorize_get_filetransfer core/includes/ Gets a FileTransfer class for a specific transfer method and settings.
authorize_filetransfer_form_validate core/includes/ Form validation handler for authorize_filetransfer_form().
authorize_filetransfer_form_submit core/includes/ Form submission handler for authorize_filetransfer_form().
authorize_filetransfer_form core/includes/ Form constructor for the file transfer authorization form.
authorize_access_denied_page core/authorize.php Renders a 403 access denied page for authorize.php.
authorize_access_allowed core/authorize.php Determines if the current user is allowed to run authorize.php.
ArrayDiffUnitTest::testArrayDiffAssocRecursive core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test Tests backdrop_array_diff_assoc_recursive().
ArrayDiffUnitTest::setUp core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test Sets up unit test environment.
arg core/includes/ Returns a component of the current Backdrop path.
Archive_Tar::__destruct core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::__construct core/modules/system/ Archive_Tar Class constructor. This flavour of the constructor only declare a new Archive_Tar object, identifying it by the name of the tar file. If the compress argument is set the tar will be read or created as a gzip or bz2 compressed TAR file.
Archive_Tar::_writeLongHeader core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_writeHeaderBlock core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_writeHeader core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_writeFooter core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_writeBlock core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_warning core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_tarRecToSize core/modules/system/ Convert Tar record size to actual size
Archive_Tar::_readLongHeader core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_readHeader core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_readBlock core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_openWrite core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_openReadWrite core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_openRead core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_jumpBlock core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_isMaliciousFilename core/modules/system/ Detect and report a malicious file name
Archive_Tar::_isArchive core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_extractInString core/modules/system/ This method extract from the archive one file identified by $p_filename. The return value is a string with the file content, or null on error.
Archive_Tar::_error core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_close core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_cleanFile core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_addString core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_addList core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::_addFile core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::setIgnoreRegexp core/modules/system/ This method sets the regular expression for ignoring files and directories at import, for example: $arch->setIgnoreRegexp("#CVS|\.svn#");
Archive_Tar::setIgnoreList core/modules/system/ This method sets the regular expression for ignoring all files and directories matching the filenames in the array list at import, for example: $arch->setIgnoreList(array('CVS', '.svn', 'bin/tool'));
Archive_Tar::setAttribute core/modules/system/ This method set specific attributes of the archive. It uses a variable list of parameters, in the format attribute code + attribute values : $arch->setAttribute(ARCHIVE_TAR_ATT_SEPARATOR, ',');
Archive_Tar::loadExtension core/modules/system/ OS independent PHP extension load. Remember to take care on the correct extension name for case sensitive OSes.
Archive_Tar::listContent core/modules/system/
Archive_Tar::extractModify core/modules/system/ This method extract all the content of the archive in the directory indicated by $p_path. When relevant the memorized path of the files/dir can be modified by removing the $p_remove_path path at the beginning of the file/dir path. While extracting a…
Archive_Tar::extractList core/modules/system/ This method extract from the archive only the files indicated in the $p_filelist. These files are extracted in the current directory or in the directory indicated by the optional $p_path parameter. If indicated the $p_remove_path can be used in the…
Archive_Tar::extractInString core/modules/system/ This method extract from the archive one file identified by $p_filename. The return value is a string with the file content, or NULL on error.