Namesort descending Location Description
BackdropWebTestCase::curlHeaderCallback core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Reads headers and registers errors received from the tested site.
BackdropWebTestCase::curlInitialize core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Initializes the cURL connection.
BackdropWebTestCase::getAbsoluteUrl core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Takes a path and returns an absolute path.
BackdropWebTestCase::getAllOptions core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Get all option elements, including nested options, in a select.
BackdropWebTestCase::getSelectedItem core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Get the selected value from a select field.
BackdropWebTestCase::getUrl core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Get the current URL from the cURL handler.
BackdropWebTestCase::handleForm core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Handle form input related to backdropPost(). Ensure that the specified fields exist and attempt to create POST data in the correct manner for the particular field type.
BackdropWebTestCase::parse core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Parse content returned from curlExec using DOM and SimpleXML.
BackdropWebTestCase::prepareEnvironment core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Prepares the current environment for running the test.
BackdropWebTestCase::recursiveCopy core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Recursively copy one directory to another.
BackdropWebTestCase::refreshVariables core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Refresh the in-memory set of variables and state values. Useful after a page request is made that changes a variable in a different thread.
BackdropWebTestCase::resetAll core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Reset all data structures after having enabled new modules.
BackdropWebTestCase::setUp core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Sets up a Backdrop site for running functional and integration tests.
BackdropWebTestCase::tearDown core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Delete created files and temporary files directory, delete the tables created by setUp(), and reset the database prefix.
BackdropWebTestCase::useCache core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Copies the cached tables and config for a profile if one is available.
BackdropWebTestCase::verboseEmail core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Outputs to verbose the most recent $count emails sent.
BackdropWebTestCase::xpath core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Perform an xpath search on the contents of the internal browser. The search is relative to the root element (HTML tag normally) of the page.
BackdropWebTestCase::__construct core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Constructor for BackdropWebTestCase.
BackdropWebTestCaseCache::alterToMyISAM core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case_cache.php Alter tables to MyISAM engine to speed up tests.
BackdropWebTestCaseCache::isCached core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case_cache.php Check if cache folder already exists.
BackdropWebTestCaseCache::prepareCache core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case_cache.php Prepare cache tables and config directories.
BackdropWebTestCaseCache::setProfile core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case_cache.php Set the installation profile to be used as a cache.
BackdropWebTestCaseCache::setUp core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case_cache.php Sets up a Backdrop site to be used as a cached installation profile.
BackdropWebTestCaseCache::tearDown core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case_cache.php Reset the database prefix and global config.
backdrop_access_denied core/includes/ Delivers an "access denied" error to the browser.
backdrop_add_css core/includes/ Adds a cascading stylesheet to the stylesheet queue.
backdrop_add_feed core/includes/ Adds a feed URL for the current page.
backdrop_add_html_head core/includes/ Adds output to the HEAD tag of the HTML page.
backdrop_add_html_head_link core/includes/ Adds a LINK tag with a distinct 'rel' attribute to the page's HEAD.
backdrop_add_http_header core/includes/ Sets an HTTP response header for the current page.
backdrop_add_js core/includes/ Adds a JavaScript file, setting, or inline code to the page.
backdrop_add_library core/includes/ Adds multiple JavaScript or CSS files at the same time.
backdrop_add_tabledrag core/includes/ Assists in adding the tableDrag JavaScript behavior to a themed table.
backdrop_aggregate_css core/includes/ Aggregation callback: Aggregates CSS files and inline content.
backdrop_aggregate_js core/includes/ Default callback to aggregate JavaScript files.
backdrop_alter core/includes/ Passes alterable variables to specific hook_TYPE_alter() implementations.
backdrop_anonymous_user core/includes/ Generates a default anonymous $user object.
backdrop_array_diff_assoc_recursive core/includes/ Recursively computes the difference of arrays with additional index check.
backdrop_array_get_nested_value core/includes/ Retrieves a value from a nested array with variable depth.
backdrop_array_merge_deep core/includes/ Merges multiple arrays, recursively, and returns the merged array.
backdrop_array_merge_deep_array core/includes/ Merges multiple arrays, recursively, and returns the merged array.
backdrop_array_nested_key_exists core/includes/ Determines whether a nested array contains the requested keys.
backdrop_array_set_nested_value core/includes/ Sets a value in a nested array with variable depth.
backdrop_array_unset_nested_value core/includes/ Unsets a value in a nested array with variable depth.
backdrop_attributes core/includes/ Converts an associative array to an XML/HTML tag attribute string.
backdrop_autoload core/includes/ Confirms that a class is available.
backdrop_base64_encode core/includes/ Returns a URL-safe, base64 encoded version of the supplied string.
backdrop_basename core/includes/ Gets the filename from a given path.
backdrop_bootstrap core/includes/ Ensures Backdrop is bootstrapped to the specified phase.
backdrop_bootstrap_is_installed core/includes/ Verify the installation of Backdrop is correct.