1 common.inc backdrop_add_html_head($data = NULL, $key = NULL)

Adds output to the HEAD tag of the HTML page.

This function can be called as long as the headers aren't sent. Pass no arguments (or NULL for both) to retrieve the currently stored elements.


$data: A renderable array. If the '#type' key is not set then 'head_tag' will be added as the default '#type'.

$key: A unique string key to allow implementations of hook_html_head_alter() to identify the element in $data. Required if $data is not NULL.

Return value

An array of all stored HEAD elements.:

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core/includes/common.inc, line 366
Common functions that many Backdrop modules will need to reference.


function backdrop_add_html_head($data = NULL, $key = NULL) {
  $stored_head = &backdrop_static(__FUNCTION__);

  if (!isset($stored_head)) {
    // Make sure the defaults, including Content-Type, come first.
    $stored_head = _backdrop_default_html_head();

  if (isset($data) && isset($key)) {
    if (!isset($data['#type'])) {
      $data['#type'] = 'head_tag';
    $stored_head[$key] = $data;
  return $stored_head;