1 install.core.inc install_display_output($output, $install_state)

Displays themed installer output and ends the page request.

Installation tasks should use backdrop_set_title() to set the desired page title, but otherwise this function takes care of generating the page output during every step of the installation.


$output: The content to display on the main part of the page.

$install_state: An array of information about the current installation state.


core/includes/install.core.inc, line 719
API functions for installing Backdrop.


function install_display_output($output, $install_state) {

  // Prevent install.php from being indexed when installed in a sub folder.
  // robots.txt rules are not read if the site is within domain.com/subfolder
  // resulting in /subfolder/install.php being found through search engines.
  // When settings.php is writeable this can be used via an external database
  // leading a malicious user to gain php access to the server.
  $noindex_meta_tag = array(
    '#tag' => 'meta',
    '#attributes' => array(
      'name' => 'robots',
      'content' => 'noindex, nofollow',
  backdrop_add_html_head($noindex_meta_tag, 'install_meta_robots');

  // Only show the task list if there is an active task; otherwise, the page
  // request has ended before tasks have even been started, so there is nothing
  // meaningful to show.
  if (isset($install_state['active_task'])) {
    // Let the theme function know when every step of the installation has
    // been completed.
    $active_task = $install_state['installation_finished'] ? NULL : $install_state['active_task'];
    $task_list = theme('task_list', array('items' => install_tasks_to_display($install_state), 'active' => $active_task));
  else {
    $task_list = NULL;
  print theme('install_page', array('content' => $output, 'sidebar' => $task_list));