1 install.core.inc install_tasks_to_display($install_state)

Returns a list of tasks that should be displayed to the end user.

The output of this function is a list suitable for sending to theme_task_list().


$install_state: An array of information about the current installation state.

Return value

A list of tasks, with keys equal to the machine-readable task name and: values equal to the name that should be displayed.

See also



core/includes/install.core.inc, line 664
API functions for installing Backdrop.


function install_tasks_to_display($install_state) {
  $displayed_tasks = array();
  foreach (install_tasks($install_state) as $name => $task) {
    if ($task['display']) {
      $displayed_tasks[$name] = $task['display_name'];
  return $displayed_tasks;