Pass-through context used when an unknown argument is encountered.


Expanded class hierarchy of LayoutOverridesPathContext


core/modules/layout/plugins/context/, line 331
Class that holds information relating to a layouts context.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
LayoutContext::form function Settings form for configuring this context item.
LayoutContext::formSubmit function Submit handler for the settings form for this context item.
LayoutContext::formValidate function Validate handler for the settings form for this context item.
LayoutContext::getAdminSummary function Return a summary for this context.
LayoutContext::isA function Check if this context matches a plugin name.
LayoutContext::setData function Set the data for this context.
LayoutContext::setDataFromRouterMap function Set the context data from the router item map.
LayoutContext::USAGE_TYPE_ALL constant All possible context types.
LayoutContext::USAGE_TYPE_CUSTOM constant Declares a LayoutContext to be a manually specified custom context.
LayoutContext::USAGE_TYPE_MENU constant Declares a LayoutContext to be provided based on a menu item or path.
LayoutContext::USAGE_TYPE_RELATIONSHIP constant Declares a LayoutContext is provided by a relationship to another context.
LayoutContext::USAGE_TYPE_SYSTEM constant Declares a LayoutContext to be a system-wide context
LayoutContext::__construct function Constructor for LayoutContext objects. Overrides LayoutHandler::__construct
LayoutHandler::toArray function Convert this object's properties to an array.
LayoutOverridesPathContext::label function Assemble a human-readable label of this object. Overrides LayoutContext::label
LayoutOverridesPathContext::type function Return the indicator for this context, i.e. "entity", "string". Overrides LayoutContext::type