Theme functions for the Layout module.




Namesort ascending Description
_layout_page_component_blocks_exist Utility function to return if a title component block is in a layout.
theme_layout_template_option Outputs an individual option label for selecting a layout.
theme_layout_template_info Outputs information about a layout template . Used in the layout template listing page.
theme_layout_settings_context_table Output the table for layout_settings_form() contexts.
theme_layout_reorder_layouts Turn the rearrange form into a table with table sorting displayed.
theme_layout_region_inner Output region content wrapped by tag specified in layout UI.
theme_layout_menu_item_arguments_table Output the arguments table for layout_menu_item_arguments_form().
theme_layout_info Outputs information about a layout. Used in the layout listing page.
theme_layout_flexible_template_style_option Outputs a representation of the column widths of a flexible layout template row.
theme_layout_condition_info Outputs a list of conditions for a layout. Used in the layout listing page.
theme_layout_conditions Output the list of visibility conditions for layouts.
theme_layout_action_links Output a list of action links for layouts.
template_preprocess_block_dynamic Prepares variables for block-dynamic templates.
template_preprocess_block Prepares variables for block templates.
layout_preprocess_layout Prepares variables for layout templates.