Hooks for file module.




Namesort ascending Description
hook_query_file_access_alter Control access to listings of files.
hook_file_view_alter Alter files as they are viewed.
hook_file_view Add to files as they are viewed.
hook_file_upload_skip_fields_alter Alters skip fields status.
hook_file_update_index Act on a file being indexed for searching.
hook_file_type_alter Alters list of file types that can be assigned to a file.
hook_file_type Decides which file type (bundle) should be assigned to a file entity.
hook_file_transfer React to a file being downloaded.
hook_file_search_result Act on a file being displayed as a search result.
hook_file_ranking Provide additional methods of scoring for core search results for files.
hook_file_operations Add mass file operations.
hook_file_metadata_info_alter Alters metadata information.
hook_file_metadata_info Provides metadata information.
hook_file_formatter_info_alter Perform alterations on file formatters.
hook_file_formatter_info Define file formatters.
hook_file_formatter_FORMATTER_view Define formatter output.
hook_file_formatter_FORMATTER_settings Define formatter settings.
hook_file_download_headers_alter Alter file download headers.
hook_file_download_access_alter Alter the access rules applied to a file download.
hook_file_download_access Control download access to files.
hook_file_default_types_alter Alter default file types.
hook_file_access Control access to a file.