1 file.api.php hook_file_download_access_alter(&$grants, $field, $entity_type, $entity)

Alter the access rules applied to a file download.

Entities that implement file management set the access rules for their individual files. Module may use this hook to create custom access rules for file downloads.


$grants: An array of grants gathered by hook_file_download_access(). The array is keyed by the module that defines the entity type's access control; the values are Boolean grant responses for each module.

$field: The field to which the file belongs.

$entity_type: The type of $entity; for example, 'node' or 'user'.

$entity: The $entity to which $file is referenced.

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core/modules/file/file.api.php, line 54
Hooks for file module.


function hook_file_download_access_alter(&$grants, $field, $entity_type, $entity) {
  // For our example module, we always enforce the rules set by node module.
  if (isset($grants['node'])) {
    $grants = array('node' => $grants['node']);