1 file.api.php hook_file_formatter_FORMATTER_view($file, $display, $langcode)

Define formatter output.

Note: This is not really a hook. The function name is manually specified via 'view callback' in hook_file_formatter_info(), with this recommended callback name pattern.


object $file: The file entity.

array $display: An array containing settings for how to display the file.

string $langcode: A language code indicating the language used to render the file.


core/modules/file/file.api.php, line 130
Hooks for file module.


function hook_file_formatter_FORMATTER_view($file, $display, $langcode) {
  $element = array(
    '#theme' => 'image',
    '#path' => $file->uri,
    '#width' => isset($file->override['attributes']['width']) ? $file->override['attributes']['width'] : $file->metadata['width'],
    '#height' => isset($file->override['attributes']['height']) ? $file->override['attributes']['height'] : $file->metadata['height'],
    '#alt' => token_replace($display['settings']['alt'], array('file' => $file), $replace_options),
    '#title' => token_replace($display['settings']['title'], array('file' => $file), $replace_options),
  return $element;