backdrop_get_form in core/includes/
Returns a renderable form array for a given form ID.
drupal_build_form in core/includes/
Builds and processes a form for a given form ID.
form_test_wrapper_callback in core/modules/simpletest/tests/form_test.module
Menu callback; Invokes a form builder function with a wrapper callback.
install_run_task in core/includes/
Runs an individual installation task.
views_ajax_form_wrapper in core/modules/views/includes/
Wrapper around backdrop_build_form to handle some AJAX stuff automatically. This makes some assumptions about the client.
views_plugin_exposed_form::render_exposed_form in core/modules/views/plugins/
Render the exposed filter form.
views_ui_ajax_get_form in core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.module
Menu callback; handles AJAX form submissions similar to ajax_form_callback(), but can be used for uncached forms.
views_ui_build_preview in core/modules/views_ui/