block_update_1003 in core/modules/block/block.install
Increase {block_custom}.title length to 255 characters.
comment_update_1000 in core/modules/comment/comment.install
Renames {comment}.language to {comment}.langcode.
file_update_1003 in core/modules/file/file.install
Add a type column to the file_managed table, and add a file_metadata table.
language_update_1000 in core/modules/language/language.install
Rename {language}.language to {language}.langcode.
locale_update_1005 in core/modules/locale/locale.install
Convert source and translation from blob to text.
node_update_1002 in core/modules/node/node.install
Rename node.language field to node.langcode.
node_update_1014 in core/modules/node/node.install
Change {history}.nid to an unsigned int in order to match {node}.nid.
redirect_update_1001 in core/modules/redirect/redirect.install
Rename the language column to langcode.
SchemaTestCase::testSchema in core/modules/simpletest/tests/schema.test
system_update_1008 in core/modules/system/system.install
Convert the 'filesize' column in {file_managed} to a bigint.
update_prepare_bootstrap in core/includes/
Performs extra steps required to bootstrap when using a Drupal 7 database.
user_update_1007 in core/modules/user/user.install
Convert user roles to configuration files.