backdrop_prepare_form in core/includes/
Prepares a structured form array.
backdrop_pre_render_link in core/includes/
Pre-render callback: Renders a link into #markup.
comment_form in core/modules/comment/comment.module
Form constructor for the basic commenting form.
CommonHTMLIdentifierTestCase::testBackdropHTMLId in core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test
Tests that backdrop_html_id() cleans the ID properly.
date_views_filter_handler_simple::value_form in core/modules/date/views/
Add the selectors to the value form using the date handler.
drupal_html_id in core/includes/
Prepares a string for use as a valid HTML ID and guarantees uniqueness.
field_multiple_value_form in core/modules/field/
Special handling to create form elements for multiple values.
file_ajax_upload in core/modules/file/file.module
Ajax callback: Processes file uploads and deletions.
file_managed_file_process in core/modules/file/file.module
Render API callback: Expands the managed_file element type.
form_builder in core/includes/
Builds and processes all elements in the structured form array.
form_process_container in core/includes/
Processes a container element.
form_process_details in core/includes/
Processes a details element.
form_process_radios in core/includes/
Expands a radios element into individual radio elements.
form_process_tableselect in core/includes/
Creates checkbox or radio elements to populate a tableselect table.
form_test_load_include_menu in core/modules/simpletest/tests/
Form constructor for testing FAPI file inclusion of the file specified in hook_menu().
system_menu_block_build in core/modules/system/
Build a menu tree based on the provided configuration.
template_preprocess_file_entity in core/modules/file/file.module
Process variables for file.tpl.php
theme_field_multiple_value_form in core/modules/field/
Returns HTML for an individual form element.
views_exposed_form in core/modules/views/views.module
Form builder for the exposed widgets form.
views_plugin_display::option_link in core/modules/views/plugins/
Because forms may be split up into sections, this provides an easy URL to exactly the right section. Don't override this.
views_plugin_style_table::options_form in core/modules/views/plugins/
Render the given style.
views_ui_process_container_radios in core/modules/views_ui/
Custom form radios process function.
views_ui_standard_form_buttons in core/modules/views_ui/
Provide a standard set of Apply/Cancel/OK buttons for the forms. Also provide a hidden op operator because the forms plugin doesn't seem to properly provide which button was clicked.