1 common.test CommonHTMLIdentifierTestCase::testBackdropHTMLId()

Tests that backdrop_html_id() cleans the ID properly.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test, line 970
Tests for common.inc functionality.


Test for cleaning HTML identifiers.


function testBackdropHTMLId() {
  // Verify that letters, digits, and hyphens are not stripped from the ID.
  $id = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz-0123456789';
  $this->assertIdentical(backdrop_html_id($id), $id, 'Verify valid characters pass through.');

  // Verify that invalid characters are stripped from the ID.
  $this->assertIdentical(backdrop_html_id('invalid-,./:@\\^`{Üidentifier'), 'invalid-identifier', 'Strip invalid characters.');

  // Verify Backdrop coding standards are enforced.
  $this->assertIdentical(backdrop_html_id('ID NAME_[1]'), 'id-name-1', 'Enforce Backdrop coding standards.');

  // Reset the static cache so we can ensure the unique id count is at zero.

  // Clean up IDs with invalid starting characters.
  $this->assertIdentical(backdrop_html_id('test-unique-id'), 'test-unique-id', 'Test the uniqueness of IDs #1.');
  $this->assertIdentical(backdrop_html_id('test-unique-id'), 'test-unique-id--2', 'Test the uniqueness of IDs #2.');
  $this->assertIdentical(backdrop_html_id('test-unique-id'), 'test-unique-id--3', 'Test the uniqueness of IDs #3.');