backdrop_build_css_cache in core/includes/
Aggregates and optimizes CSS files into a cache file in the files directory.
backdrop_build_js_cache in core/includes/
Aggregates JavaScript files into a cache file in the files directory.
drupal_hash_base64 in core/includes/
Calculates a base-64 encoded, URL-safe sha-256 hash.
image_style_deliver in core/modules/image/image.module
Menu callback; Given a style and image path, generate a derivative.
redirect_hash in core/modules/redirect/redirect.module
Create a redirect hash.
UpgradePathTestCase::setUp in core/modules/simpletest/tests/upgrade/upgrade.test
Overrides BackdropWebTestCase::setUp() for upgrade testing.
_book_admin_table in core/modules/book/
Builds the table portion of the form for the book administration page.
_locale_rebuild_js in core/includes/
(Re-)Creates the JavaScript translation file for a language.