1 book.admin.inc _book_admin_table(Node $node, &$form)

Builds the table portion of the form for the book administration page.


Node $node: The node of the top-level page in the book.

$form: The form that is being modified, passed by reference.

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core/modules/book/book.admin.inc, line 230
Admin page callbacks for the Book module.


function _book_admin_table(Node $node, &$form) {
  $form['table'] = array(
    '#theme' => 'book_admin_table',
    '#tree' => TRUE,

  $tree = book_menu_subtree_data($node->book);
  $tree = array_shift($tree); // Do not include the book item itself.
  if ($tree['below']) {
    $hash = backdrop_hash_base64(serialize($tree['below']));
    // Store the hash value as a hidden form element so that we can detect
    // if another user changed the book hierarchy.
    $form['tree_hash'] = array(
      '#type' => 'hidden',
      '#default_value' => $hash,
    $form['tree_current_hash'] = array(
      '#type' => 'value',
      '#value' => $hash,
    _book_admin_table_tree($tree['below'], $form['table']);