Batch processing API for processes to run in multiple HTTP requests.

Note that batches are usually invoked by form submissions, which is why the core interaction functions of the batch processing API live in

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Namesort descending Description
batch_load Loads a batch from the database.
_batch_api_percentage Formats the percent completion for a batch set.
_batch_current_set Returns the batch set being currently processed.
_batch_do Does one execution pass with JavaScript and returns progress to the browser.
_batch_finished Ends the batch processing.
_batch_next_set Retrieves the next set in a batch.
_batch_page Renders the batch processing page based on the current state of the batch.
_batch_process Processes sets in a batch.
_batch_progress_page Outputs a batch processing page.
_batch_shutdown Shutdown function: Stores the current batch data for the next request.