1 batch.inc _batch_api_percentage($total, $current)

Formats the percent completion for a batch set.


$total: The total number of operations.

$current: The number of the current operation. This may be a floating point number rather than an integer in the case of a multi-step operation that is not yet complete; in that case, the fractional part of $current represents the fraction of the operation that has been completed.

Return value

string: The properly formatted percentage, as a string. We output percentages using the correct number of decimal places so that we never print "100%" until we are finished, but we also never print more decimal places than are meaningful.

See also



core/includes/batch.inc, line 359
Batch processing API for processes to run in multiple HTTP requests.


function _batch_api_percentage($total, $current) {
  if (!$total || $total == $current) {
    // If $total doesn't evaluate as true or is equal to the current set, then
    // we're finished, and we can return "100".
    $percentage = "100";
  else {
    // We add a new digit at 200, 2000, etc. (since, for example, 199/200
    // would round up to 100% if we didn't).
    $decimal_places = max(0, floor(log10($total / 2.0)) - 1);
    do {
      // Calculate the percentage to the specified number of decimal places.
      $percentage = sprintf('%01.' . $decimal_places . 'f', round($current / $total * 100, $decimal_places));
      // When $current is an integer, the above calculation will always be
      // correct. However, if $current is a floating point number (in the case
      // of a multi-step batch operation that is not yet complete), $percentage
      // may be erroneously rounded up to 100%. To prevent that, we add one
      // more decimal place and try again.
    } while ($percentage == '100');
  return $percentage;