1 batch.inc _batch_next_set()

Retrieves the next set in a batch.

If there is a subsequent set in this batch, assign it as the new set to process and execute its form submit handler (if defined), which may add further sets to this batch.

Return value

bool: TRUE if a subsequent set was found in the batch, FALSE if not found.


core/includes/batch.inc, line 401
Batch processing API for processes to run in multiple HTTP requests.


function _batch_next_set() {
  $batch = &batch_get();
  if (isset($batch['sets'][$batch['current_set'] + 1])) {
    $current_set = &_batch_current_set();
    if (isset($current_set['form_submit']) && ($function = $current_set['form_submit']) && function_exists($function)) {
      // We use our stored copies of $form and $form_state to account for
      // possible alterations by previous form submit handlers.
      $function($batch['form_state']['complete_form'], $batch['form_state']);
    return TRUE;
  return FALSE;