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Features not used by the majority of websites were removed from core

In an attempt to keep Backdrop focused on the areas that are most important, features that were not used by the majority of websites have been removed from core. Below you'll find a list of things that are no longer supported in Backdrop core. 

Modules removed from core include:

  • Aggregator module (moved to contrib)
  • Blog module
  • Dashboard module (a new, improved version was reintroduced in 1.13.0, with the same name)
  • Forum module (moved to contrib)
  • Help module
  • OpenID module
  • Overlay module
  • PHP filter module
  • Poll module
  • Profile module (moved to contrib)
  • RDF module
  • Shortcut module
  • Statistics module (moved to contrib)
  • Toolbar (replaced with the Admin Bar module, an improved version of the popular Admin Menu contrib module)
  • Tracker module
  • Trigger module (moved to contrib)

Major features removed from core include:

  • Support for any database other than MySQL, MariaDB or equivalent
  • Support for alternate field storage (anything other than the active MySQL database)
  • XML RPC (moved to contrib)


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