The following modules/features have been removed from Backdrop CMS:

Modules removed from core include:

  • Aggregator module (moved to contrib)
  • Blog module
  • Dashboard module (a new, improved version was reintroduced in 1.13.0, with the same name)
  • Forum moduleĀ (moved to contrib)
  • Help module
  • OpenID module
  • Overlay module
  • PHP filter module
  • Poll module
  • Profile module (moved to contrib)
  • RDF module
  • Shortcut module
  • Statistics module (moved to contrib)
  • Toolbar (replaced with the Admin Bar module, an improved version of the popular Admin Menu contrib module)
  • Tracker module
  • Trigger module (moved to contrib)

Major features removed from core include:

  • Support for any database other than MySQL, MariaDB or equivalent
  • Support for alternate field storage (anything other than the active MySQL database)
  • XML RPC (moved to contrib)

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