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The most commonly used Drupal 7 features are being added into Backdrop core.

Backdrop hopes to be a complete and feature-rich product, right out of the box. Many features that are used by the majority of websites have been moved into Backdrop core.

Contributed modules that are no longer necessary to add to a Backdrop website:

  1. Admin Menu (moved into core, renamed to Admin Bar module since v1.0)
  2. Admin views (replaced by core content listings as views, since v1.0)
  3. Auto Menu* (integrated into core Node module in v 1.15
  4. Bean (replaced by nodes that can be placed as blocks, as of v1.11)
  5. Block Class (replaced by System block classes since v1.0)
  6. Blockify (replaced by page elements as blocks in v1.7)
  7. Boolean formatter (replaced by field setting in v1.15)
  8. Btester Custom Block Content* (added hero block in v1.5 and contact block in v1.12)
  9. Caption Filter (integrated into CKEditor module in v1.2)
  10. Chaos Tools (integrated into various System modules since v1.0)
  11. CKEditor (moved into core in v1.2)
  12. CKEditor Link (replaced by internal link option for CKEditor in v1.7)
  13. CKEditor Media Browser (replaced by CKEditor browser in 1.11)
  14. CKEditor Upload (replaced by image uploads since v1.0, file uploads as of v1.10)
  15. Comment Closer (integrated into Comment module in v1.10)
  16. Comment Hide Subject (integrated into Comment module in v1.23)
  17. Contact Block (integrated into Contact module in v1.12)
  18. Context (replaced by Layout since v1.0)
  19. Date* (partially moved into core in v1.2 - Date Repeat remains in contrib)
  20. Date popup authored (integrated into Node module, added in v1.2)
  21. Default config (replaced by Configuration Management since v1.0)
  22. Diff* (diff engine included as part of Configuration Management in v1.0)
  23. Direct Upload (integrated into Rich-Text image/file upload options added in v1.7)
  24. Display Suite (partially replaced by Layout module since v1.0)
  25. Elements (integrated into System module since v1.0)
  26. Email (moved into core in v1.2)
  27. Email Registration (integrated into User module since v1.0)
  28. Entity API (integrated into core Entity module since v1.0)
  29. Entity Cache (integrated into core Entity module in v1.16)
  30. Entity Reference (moved into core v1.23)
  31. Entity View Mode (integrated into Field UI module in v1.6)
  32. Extra Columns (replaced by administrative content views, since v1.0)
  33. Features* (partially replaced by Configuration Management since v1.0)
  34. Fieldable panels panes* (replaced by nodes that can be placed as blocks, as of v1.11)
  35. Field as Block (integrated into Field module as of v1.3.)
  36. Field Formatter Settings (integrated into Field module as of v1.13)
  37. File Entity (partially integrated into File module since v1.0 and fully integrated in v1.6)
  38. Float Filter (integrated into CKEditor module in v1.2)
  39. HTML5 Tools (integrated into core System module since v1.0)
  40. Image Mobile Camera (integrated into the core File module as of v1.4)
  41. IMCE WYSIWYG Bridge (replaced by image browse/upload for CKEditor in v1.2)
  42. Insert* (replaced by CKEditor module in v1.2)
  43. Instant Filter (integrated into System modules since v1.0)
  44. jQuery Update (integrated into System module in v1.0, User Interface added in v1.26)
  45. Libraries API* (rarely needed, libraries in Backdrop are bundled with their modules)
  46. Link (moved into core in v1.2)
  47. LinkIt (integrated into Filter module in v1.16)
  48. Live Preview* (replaced by improved Node preview in v1.11)
  49. Media* (partially replaced by File, CKEditor and System modules since v1.0, v1.2, and v1.6)
  50. Media CKeditor (integrated into CKedtor since v1.11)
  51. Menu Block* (partially integrated into System & Menu modules v1.5)
  52. Menu Translation (integrated into Menu module in v1.10)
  53. Module Filter* (replaced by search box in System module since v1.0)
  54. Navbar (replaced by Admin Bar module since v1.0)
  55. Nice Menus (replaced by System menus in v1.5)
  56. Node Block (replaced by Node module in v1.5)
  57. Options Element (integrated into Field module in v1.12)
  58. Page Preview* (replaced by improved Node preview in v1.11)
  59. Panels* (partially replaced by Layout module since v1.0)
  60. Panels Everywhere (replaced by Layout module in v1.0)
  61. Pathauto (integrated into Path module in v1.1)
  62. Placeholder (integrated into core System module since v1.0)
  63. Project Browser (moved into core as Installer module in v1.4)
  64. Rabbit hole (integrated into Node module as page-less nodes in v1.11)
  65. Radix Layouts* (replaced by 10 new core Layouts in v1.4)
  66. Redirect (moved into core in v1.4)
  67. Role Assign (integrated into User module in v1.6)
  68. Role Help (integrated into User module in v1.24)
  69. Scheduler (integrated into Node module in v1.10)
  70. Smartmenus (integrated into System menus in v1.5 + v1.6)
  71. Strongarm (replaced by config overrides in v1.16)
  72. Superfish Menus (replaced by System menus in v1.5)
  73. SVG Image (integrated into file and image modules in v1.28)
  74. System Info (replaced by Dashboard module in 1.13)
  75. Token (integrated into System module in v1.1)
  76. Transliteration (integrated into System module in v1.3)
  77. UUID* (API integrated into System module, and UUIDs used for blocks in Layouts since v1.0)
  78. Variable (replaced by Configuration Management since v1.0)
  79. Vertical Tabs Responsive (integrated into System module in v1.2)
  80. Views (moved into core since v1.0)
  81. Views Bulk Operations* (integrated into Views module since v1.0)
  82. Views Responsive Grid (replaced by Views module settings of v1.12)
  83. WYSIWYG (replaced by CKEditor module in v1.2)

* There may be features included in the Drupal 7 version of the module that are not available in core for Backdrop. For example: Date repeat (a sub-module for Date in D7) is still in contrib.

These features have been included in Backdrop core in the following ways:

  1. The module has been "moved into" core: The complete module is placed into the backdrop core directory. It may be lightly updated with interface improvements, added automated tests, and coding standards cleanup. For example, Entity Reference module is now available on the modules page.
  2. The module has been "integrated into" another core module: Features from the module are available as they were before, but the ability to turn only this specific set of features on or off has been removed. For example: Pathauto features are now part of the Path module.
  3. The module has been "replaced by" an alternative core module. For example: WYSIWYG module is no longer needed because Backdrop comes with CKEditor.