Here is a procedure for moving a site to new server space:

  1. Back-up the existing site
    1. Using contributed module ‘Backup and Migrate’ to save site data tables and content as an sql file (only the ‘Quick Backup’ is needed).
    2. Export the current configuration as a gz file by using Configuration Management / Full Export.
    3. Take a note of the modules in use in preparation for step 4.
    4. Make sure you have an up-to-date copy of the contents of the following directories:
      • files
      • layouts
      • modules
      • themes
  2. Upload a fresh copy of Backdrop into the new server space and then copy into the relevant directories
    • all contrib/custom modules used by the site
    • all files (except the config_.... folder)
    • all contrib/custom layouts
    • all contrib/custom themes
  3. Access the new site and follow the normal installation procedure.
  4. Activate each module used in the site
  5. Import the configuration gz file exported in step 1.

    The Configuration Management function will first load the json files into the staging folder and then check whether they can be loaded as active files. Any discrepancy, such as a missing module, will halt the process with an error message advising, for example, on which module is missing. Either install the missing module and try again, or if perhaps it is a result of a module that is no longer in use, delete the redundant json file from the staging folder before trying again by refreshing the configuration management synchronize page.

  6. Import the data tables (it is important to do this after step 5, not before).

    Use Backup and Migrate to restore the site’s data tables saved in step 1.