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New Backdrop users may run into issues getting their site to work properly on their webhost. The cause of these issues is not Backdrop itself; they usually happen because of the way the web server is configured. Web applications like Backdrop, which provide advanced functionality, will naturally require more from a web server than just hosting a static HTML site would.

Unfortunately, we cannot possibly cover every server operating system, nor every possible configuration scenario with each one of them in the Backdrop installation documents. When attempting to install and configure Backdrop, people that have more exposure to Unix and Apache/Nginx (a typical webhost setup) may find it easy to bridge the gap between their webhosting environment setup, and the general requirements for installing Backdrop. The information included in this section is intended to help those with less experience, although it should be pointed that it is in no way intended to be a full guide on configuring web servers, and not everything may apply in your situation.

If you are having an issue with setting Backdrop up on a specific hosting provider, or with a specific operating system or tool, then please refer to their respective support and documentation, or seek information on the internet. Alternatively, consider posting a description of the issue on our forum, as answers/solutions posted there eventually make their way here, in form of documentation articles which may help others with the same issue in the future.