File name Locationsort descending Description
system.module core/modules/system/system.module Configuration system that lets administrators modify the workings of the site. core/modules/system/ System module non-administrative page callbacks. core/modules/system/ Queue functionality. core/modules/system/ core/modules/system/ Theme functions for the System module. core/modules/system/ Builds placeholder replacement tokens system-wide data. core/modules/system/ Subclasses of the Updater class to update Backdrop core, modules, themes, and layouts.
block--system--main.tpl.php core/modules/system/templates/block--system--main.tpl.php Template for outputting the main content block.
header.tpl.php core/modules/system/templates/header.tpl.php Display generic site information such as logo, site name, etc.
maintenance-page.tpl.php core/modules/system/templates/maintenance-page.tpl.php Default theme implementation to display a single Backdrop page while offline.
page-components.tpl.php core/modules/system/templates/page-components.tpl.php Template for outputting title component blocks.
page.tpl.php core/modules/system/templates/page.tpl.php Default theme implementation to display the basic html structure of a single Backdrop page. core/modules/system/tests/cron_queue_test/ name = Cron Queue test description = Support module for the cron queue runner. package = Testing version = VERSION backdrop = 1.x hidden = TRUE type = module
cron_queue_test.module core/modules/system/tests/cron_queue_test/cron_queue_test.module core/modules/system/tests/deprecated_redirect_test/ name = "Deprecated Redirect Test" description = "Testing module to confirm deprecated paths can redirect to new paths." backdrop = 1.x package = Testing version = BACKDROP_VERSION type = module hidden = TRUE
deprecated_redirect_test.module core/modules/system/tests/deprecated_redirect_test/deprecated_redirect_test.module
system.test core/modules/system/tests/system.test Tests for system.module. core/modules/system/tests/ [FilterResetTestCase] name = Filter modules and reset filter description = Filter the modules list, then reset the filter. group = Module file = system.test [EnableDisableTestCase] name = Enable/disable modules description = Enable/disable core… core/modules/system/tests/system_cron_test/ type = module name = System Cron Test description = Support module for testing the system_cron(). package = Testing version = VERSION backdrop = 1.x hidden = TRUE
system_cron_test.module core/modules/system/tests/system_cron_test/system_cron_test.module Helper module for CronRunTestCase::testCronCacheExpiration().
theme.api.php core/modules/system/theme.api.php core/modules/system/views/ Provide views data and handlers for system.module. core/modules/system/views/ Definition of views_handler_field_system_info. core/modules/system/views/ Definition of views_handler_filter_system_type.
taxonomy.css core/modules/taxonomy/css/taxonomy.css Styles for administration pages. core/modules/taxonomy/layout/ Plugin to provide access control based upon taxonomy term depth. core/modules/taxonomy/ Admin page callbacks for the Taxonomy module.
taxonomy.api.php core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.api.php Hooks provided by the Taxonomy module. core/modules/taxonomy/ Entity classes and controllers for Taxonomy module. core/modules/taxonomy/ name = Taxonomy description = Enables the organization of content by category. package = Categorization tags[] = Taxonomy tags[] = Structure version = BACKDROP_VERSION type = module backdrop = 1.x dependencies[] = options dependencies[] =…
taxonomy.install core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install Install, update and uninstall functions for the taxonomy module.
taxonomy.module core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Enables the organization of content into categories. core/modules/taxonomy/ Page callbacks for the taxonomy module. core/modules/taxonomy/ Path integration. core/modules/taxonomy/ Theme functions for the Taxonomy module. core/modules/taxonomy/ Builds placeholder replacement tokens for taxonomy terms and vocabularies. core/modules/taxonomy/
taxonomy-term.tpl.php core/modules/taxonomy/templates/taxonomy-term.tpl.php Default theme implementation to display a term.
taxonomy.test core/modules/taxonomy/tests/taxonomy.test Tests for taxonomy.module. core/modules/taxonomy/tests/ [TaxonomyVocabularyFunctionalTest] name = Taxonomy vocabulary interface description = Test the taxonomy vocabulary interface. group = Taxonomy file = taxonomy.test [TaxonomyVocabularyUnitTest] name = Taxonomy vocabularies description = Test loading,… core/modules/taxonomy/tests/taxonomy_nodes_test/ name = Taxonomy module node list tests type = module description = Support module for taxonomy node list related testing. package = Testing version = VERSION backdrop = 1.x hidden = TRUE
taxonomy_nodes_test.module core/modules/taxonomy/tests/taxonomy_nodes_test/taxonomy_nodes_test.module Dummy module implementing hook_query_TAG_alter.
taxonomy_views_handler_relationship_node_term_data.test core/modules/taxonomy/tests/taxonomy_views_handler_relationship_node_term_data.test Definition of ViewsHandlerRelationshipNodeTermDataTest. core/modules/taxonomy/tests/taxonomy_vocab_load_test/ name = Taxonomy vocabulary load test type = module description = Test for hook_taxonomy_vocabulary_load. package = Testing version = VERSION backdrop = 1.x hidden = TRUE
taxonomy_vocab_load_test.module core/modules/taxonomy/tests/taxonomy_vocab_load_test/taxonomy_vocab_load_test.module Dummy module implementing hook_taxonomy_vocabulary_load(). core/modules/taxonomy/views/ Provide views data and handlers for taxonomy.module. core/modules/taxonomy/views/ Definition of views_handler_argument_taxonomy. core/modules/taxonomy/views/ Definition of views_handler_argument_term_language. core/modules/taxonomy/views/ Definition of views_handler_argument_term_node_tid. core/modules/taxonomy/views/ Definition of views_handler_argument_term_node_tid_depth.