@file Plugin to provide access control based upon entity ID.


Expanded class hierarchy of EntityIDLayoutAccess


core/modules/layout/plugins/access/entity_id_layout_access.inc, line 6
Plugin to provide access control based upon entity ID.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
EntityIDLayoutAccess::checkAccess function Overrides LayoutAccess::checkAccess
EntityIDLayoutAccess::form function Overrides LayoutAccessNegatable::form
EntityIDLayoutAccess::formSubmit function Overrides LayoutAccessNegatable::formSubmit
EntityIDLayoutAccess::formValidate function Overrides LayoutAccess::formValidate
EntityIDLayoutAccess::summary function Overrides LayoutAccess::summary
EntityIDLayoutAccess::__construct function Constructor for a Layout access rule. Overrides LayoutAccessNegatable::__construct
LayoutAccess::getRequiredContexts function Get a list of all context plugin names required for this access check.
LayoutAccess::setContexts function Sets the contexts for this item from the full list of layout contexts.
LayoutAccess::toArray function Convert this object's properties to an array. Overrides LayoutHandler::toArray
LayoutHandler::label function Assemble a human-readable label of this object.