File hooks implemented by the File module.




Namesort ascending Description
_file_update_image_field_dimensions Update the image dimensions stored in any image fields for a file.
_file_fields_update Update an entity's field values without changing anything on the entity.
file_metadata_fetch_image_dimensions Fetch the dimensions of an image and store them in the file metadata array.
file_file_update Implements hook_file_update().
file_file_type Implements hook_file_type().
file_file_presave Implements hook_file_presave().
file_file_mimetype_mapping_alter Implements hook_file_mimetype_mapping_alter().
file_file_metadata_info Implements hook_file_metadata_info().
file_file_load Implements hook_file_load().
file_file_insert Implements hook_file_insert().
file_file_delete Implements hook_file_delete().