date_field_widget_info in core/modules/date/
Implements hook_field_widget_info().
field_behaviors_widget in core/modules/field/
Determines the behavior of a widget with respect to an operation.
field_default_form in core/modules/field/
Creates a form element for a field and can populate it with a default value.
field_default_form_errors in core/modules/field/
Transfer field-level validation errors to widgets.
field_ui_field_edit_form in core/modules/field_ui/
Form constructor for the field instance settings form.
hook_field_widget_info in core/modules/field/field.api.php
Expose Field API widget types.
link_field_formatter_info in core/modules/link/link.module
Implements hook_field_formatter_info().
link_field_widget_info in core/modules/link/link.module
Implements hook_field_widget_info().
_field_info_prepare_instance in core/modules/field/
Prepares an instance definition for the current run-time context.