comment_load_multiple in core/modules/comment/comment.module
Loads comments from the database.
EntityLayoutContext::formValidate in core/modules/layout/plugins/context/
Validate handler for the settings form for this context item.
EntityLayoutContext::label in core/modules/layout/plugins/context/
Assemble a human-readable label of this object.
EntityLoadTestCase::testEntityLoadConditions in core/modules/entity/tests/entity_crud.test
Tests the functionality for loading entities matching certain conditions.
entity_example_basic_load_multiple in modules/examples/entity_example/entity_example.module
Loads multiple basic entities.
entity_test_load in core/modules/entity/tests/entity_test/entity_test.module
Loads a test entity.
entity_test_load_multiple in core/modules/entity/tests/entity_test/entity_test.module
Loads multiple test entities based on certain conditions.
FileReplaceTestCase::testReplaceFile in core/modules/file/tests/file.test
@todo Test image dimensions for an image field are reset when a file is replaced. @todo Test image styles are cleared when an image is updated.
FileTaxonomyTermTestCase::_testTermFile in core/modules/file/tests/file.test
Runs tests for attaching a file field to a taxonomy term.
file_file_download in core/modules/file/file.module
Implements hook_file_download().
file_load_multiple in core/includes/
Loads file entities from the database.
file_usage_page in core/modules/file/
Page callback to show file usage information.
node_load_multiple in core/modules/node/node.module
Loads node entities from the database.
PathPatternTestHelper::backdropGetTermByName in core/modules/path/tests/path_pattern.test
taxonomy_term_load_multiple in core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module
Load multiple taxonomy terms based on certain conditions.
token_example_example_form in modules/examples/token_example/token_example.module
Form builder; display lists of supported token entities and text to tokenize.
user_load_multiple in core/modules/user/user.module
Load multiple users based on certain conditions.
views_handler_field_bulk_form::views_form_submit in core/modules/views/handlers/
Submit handler for the bulk form.
views_handler_field_field::post_execute in core/modules/field/views/
Load the entities for all fields that are about to be displayed.
views_plugin_query_default::get_result_entities in core/modules/views/plugins/
Returns the according entity objects for the given query results.
_file_update_image_field_dimensions in core/modules/file/
Update the image dimensions stored in any image fields for a file.
_link_sanitize in core/modules/link/link.module
Clean up user-entered values for a link field according to field settings.