1 entity_crud.test public EntityLoadTestCase::testEntityLoadConditions()

Tests the functionality for loading entities matching certain conditions.


core/modules/entity/tests/entity_crud.test, line 16
Tests for the Entity CRUD API.


Tests the entity_load() function.


public function testEntityLoadConditions() {
  // Create a few nodes. One of them is given an edge-case title of "Array",
  // because loading entities by an array of conditions is subject to PHP
  // array-to-string conversion issues and we want to test those.
  $node_1 = $this->backdropCreateNode(array('title' => 'Array'));
  $node_2 = $this->backdropCreateNode(array('title' => 'Node 2'));
  $node_3 = $this->backdropCreateNode(array('title' => 'Node 3'));

  // Load all entities so that they are statically cached.
  $all_nodes = entity_load('node', FALSE);

  // Check that the first node can be loaded by title.
  $nodes_loaded = entity_load('node', FALSE, array('title' => 'Array'));
  $this->assertEqual(array_keys($nodes_loaded), array($node_1->nid));

  // Check that the second and third nodes can be loaded by title using an
  // array of conditions, and that the first node is not loaded from the
  // cache along with them.
  $nodes_loaded = entity_load('node', FALSE, array('title' => array('Node 2', 'Node 3')));
  $this->assertEqual(array_keys($nodes_loaded), array($node_2->nid, $node_3->nid));
  $this->assertIdentical($nodes_loaded[$node_2->nid], $all_nodes[$node_2->nid], 'Loaded node 2 is identical to cached node.');
  $this->assertIdentical($nodes_loaded[$node_3->nid], $all_nodes[$node_3->nid], 'Loaded node 3 is identical to cached node.');