Defines date-related Views data and plugins:

Date argument: A generic date argument that has an option to select one or more Views date fields to filter on, automatically adds them to the view, and then filters the view by the value of the selected field(s). The flexible argument will accept and evaluate most ISO date and period formats, like 2009-05-01, 2008-W25, P1W.

Date filter: A generic date filter that has an option to select a Views date field to filter on, with a choice of a widget to use for the filter form and an option to set the default value to a set date or something like 'now +90 days' . If the operator is set to 'between' or 'not between' you can set a default value for both the start and end dates.

Current date argument default Adds a default option to set the argument to the current date when the argument is empty.

Date navigation attachment Navigation that can be attached to any display to create back/next links by date, requires the date argument and uses the current date argument default to set a starting point for the view.




Namesort descending Description
date_block_identifier Identifier of a date block.
date_pager_url Format links correctly for the new Date pager.
date_views_base_tables Helper function to map entity types to the Views base table they use, to make it easier to infer the entity type from a base table.
date_views_data Implements hook_views_data().
date_views_data_alter Implements hook_views_data_alter().
date_views_handler_is_date Custom helper function.
date_views_plugins Implements hook_views_plugins().
date_views_querystring Helper function to generate a query string.
date_views_set_timezone Central function for setting up the right timezone values.